November 2018   
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How to Join the FBC Family

We Invite You to Join 

At the close of each worship service, our pastor will extend an invitation for you to come forward.  You will be greeted by a minister who will guide you in your decision. You may join our church family in one of four ways:

1.  By profession of faith
If you will receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord, and follow Him in baptism by immersion, we will welcome you into our fellowship.

2.  By baptism
If you are already a Christian but have not been baptized since your commitment to Christ, you may request baptism and then be received as a member.
3. By statement of faith
If you have been saved by faith in Jesus and have been baptized by immersion in water, you can be received as a member.
4. By transfer of membership
As a Baptist whose membership is elsewhere, should God direct you to our church, we will be glad to welcome you into the FBC Salado family. We will take care of the appropriate details for the transferring of your membership. You need only to present yourself for membership at the conclusion of any worship service.
Why Does Membership Matter?
Every believer is equipped with special gifts and talents that God intends to use in the local church. As such, being a member of the family is as much about what YOU bring to the church, as what the church brings to you. There are many reasons why church membership is important, but here are a few: 
1.     Membership identifies you as a believer. 
2.     Membership provides you a spiritual family to support and encourage you. 
3.     Membership provides accountability to help you grow spiritually.
4.     Membership gives you a place to discover and use your spiritual gifts.   
If you feel God leading you to be part of our church family, we welcome you and look forward to worshipping, serving, encouraging, and fellowshipping together!